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Speak with us today and we’ll let you know just what we need in order to get started. It’s time to free yourself from all those health issues. Come to Mexico where a friendly team will focus to fine a solution for your illness or medical condition and have you feeling better in no time.

Los Algodones Dentistry

Good dental care should be available to all.


Sometimes it can be hard to afford expensive dental treatments and procedures. Often, by paying less, you end up receiving poor quality procedures that eventually require even more money to fix. We believe that dental care should be affordable and of top quality.


At Los Algodones Dentists, we have experienced and friendly dentists who can address all your dental care needs.

Ulises Aguayo, CEO.

Most people in Canada and America find it difficult to afford insurance or avail medical healthcare services because of the high cost.

One of the top advantages that come from having such a treatment in Mexico is the fact that you receive immediate access to some of the best and most reliable healthcare packages across the border.

Dra. Kenia Sanchez, D.D.S. 

Cosmetic & Oral Implant Specialist.

Here in Los Algodones, B.C. Mexico, you can save almost 70% of your medical bills you would pay back home.

D.D.S. Aldo Pompa

No matter which teeth you lose, don’t lose your confidence! We can replace any tooth and its root with a natural-looking implant.

Save Time – Schedule Your Dental Consultation From Home!

Dr. Jorge Jimenez, D.D.S. 

& Oral Implant Specialist.

Do you have the money to afford the ridiculously high-priced treatments in the US or Canada?

Welcome to 

Teran Dentistry Center consists of a team of professional, highly trained and experienced dental practitioners who have worked with countless clients to deliver the remarkable solutions they need.

By Dra. Blanca Teran, D.D.S. & Oral Implant Specialist.

Why should you suffer from medical or Dental issues just because you don’t have the money to afford the ridiculously high-priced treatments in the US or Canada?​

Schedule a Free Consultation with no obligation Appointment.

Taking good care of your dental health is always a priority but at times your teeth might have various problems and you end up needing an implant. That’s where Dra. Alma Valencia, our vetted dental implant specialist comes into play. She is a very reliable, high standard professional focused on offering people some of the best dental implant services that they can find on the market.

Dra. Alma Valencia, D.D.S.

& Oral Implants specialist

Algodones Health is now home to state-of-the-art laboratories and production facility which allows us to manufacture high-quality zirconia crowns


Our clients mean everything to us and your well-being is the top of our priority list. As such, we make sure you are well looked after every time you choose Elite Dentistry for your dental care and procedures. The Algodones Health Team We’ll support you all the way from your arrival to your final departure.

Save Time – Schedule Your Medical Consultation From Home!

Dr. Aldo Pompa, D.D.S. 

& Oral Implant Specialist.

We specialize in Implants and All-On-4 Dental Procedures

We’ve performed hundreds of successful implants over many years of operation – you won’t find a more skilled team of dentists!

Have a damaged, missing or decayed tooth?

Revamp your smile with the highest quality of natural-looking dental implants!

Get the best dental implants at affordable prices! At Best Dentist Mexico we bring you top-notch dental care that helps you get your confidence back.


We understand just how expensive it can be to get great oral health checks done and for that reason, we provide all our patients with the perfect blend of exceptional treatments and great prices!


Our team of highly trained implant dentists have worked with several patients and understand exactly what you need to revamp your dentition.


why not go where it is affordable!

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Struggling to pay heavy medical bills?​ is a platform where you will be provided with the best medical services available in Mexico. We offer low-cost and high-quality treatments!

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Get Started Today!

Speak with us today and we’ll let you know just what we need in order to get started. It’s time to free yourself from all those health issues. Come to Mexico where a friendly team will Focus to find the best solution for your illness or Medical Condition, and have you feeling better in no time.

Affordable dental care in Los Algodones

One of the most sought for services in Mexico regards dental treatments and procedures that would otherwise be extremely expensive in the United States and Canada. Los Algodones is a town that has gained the respect and admiration of American patients thanks to the great number of expert dentists and state of the art dental clinics that offer top-quality services.

Los Algodones is so popular among overseas patients that it has won the reputation of being the “dental capital of the world.” By choosing to solve your dental problems in Los Algodones you have the guarantee of receiving top-quality treatment from dental care specialists at accessible rates that you would otherwise not afford in the United States.

Major cost savings and free consultations

Clinics like Algodones Health from Los Algodones, B.C. Mexico offer a jaw-breaking medical cost reduction for dental care that would save you as much as 70% on the bill that you would normally pay for the same treatment in the US. Additionally, here you can opt for free consultations from a team of professional dentists before undergoing any type of treatment.

As it pans out, Los Algodones is developing into a hot spot for cosmetic and dental implants, and a reliable alternative of medical tourism to the exorbitant dental care costs from the United States and Canada.