Keeping your teeth healthy is an important part of your overall wellbeing, yet sometimes, good dental care can break the bank and the results are less than expected. By paying less for a service, you may receive poor quality dental implants, customer service, and in-experienced dentists performing your procedure.

The Advanced All-On-4 System

 we offer cutting edge All-On-4 implants at an attractive price. Our implants are 3D printed using state of the art technology, hand- finished by skilled artisans and implanted by highly-experienced Dental Surgeons. We’ve performed hundreds of successful implants over many years of operation – you won’t find a more skilled team of dentists.

 We are All-On-4 System specialists

The All-on-4 treatment is a cost-efficient, graft less procedure that provides patients with the fixed full-arch prosthesis on the day of surgery. The system involves the implant of 4 to 6 anchor points into the jaw, four to six on the top and four on the bottom. These are used to fix in a brand-new, hand-designed prosthesis that looks, feels and functions like a natural set of strong teeth.


With more than 12 years of experience in dental implants, Dra. Alma Valencia is the perfect option when it comes to delivering the best possible value and quality that you can find on the market. She knows how to handle all kinds of dental problems and her unique dental implant solutions are very reliable, professional and they always deliver an amazing quality regardless of the situation. This really goes to show the great value, professionalism, and experience that she brings to the table. She is using all those years of experience in order to provide dental implants that are safe, efficient and which will last for a very long time.

Laser Scanning

Our painless laser scans the inside of your mouth, picking out all the details and generating a highly-accurate digital model.

Design and Planning

Skilled digital designers use this digital model to design and plan the perfect crown and fittings for you. This is a highly bespoke design process. Everyone’s mouths are different, and your implants should be as well.

3D Printing

Once we have our design schematic ready, this is given to our advanced 3D printing system which prints a precise mold of your crown.

Zirconium Machine

This mold is placed in our cutting-edge Zirconium Machine. This is where the magic happens. The machine uses the 3D mold and carefully layer Zirconium to produce a precise crown fitting.

Artisan Hand Finish

Our highly-skilled, local specialist hand-finishes your Zirconium crown, adding an exceptional human touch, so every single one looks natural and beautiful.

Dra. Alma Valencia is a prime example of a specialist that works extremely hard to bring you the best possible work quality. She is very committed to success, and at the same time, she always focuses on results more than anything else. That really helps a lot and it brings in some resounding benefits that you do not want to miss.


You can let us know whenever you need Dra. Alma Valencia to help with professional dental implants and she will be here to help you. It’s never easy to find a good and reliable professional that can assist with dental services, but Dra. Alma Valencia and our team are here to help. You can get in touch with us at any time if you want professional dental services at a very good price. Contact us now and you will not be disappointed!

Many factors can lead to damaged teeth from smoking to physical accidents. If you feel your teeth let you down and you are looking for a fresh start, the All-On-4 implant provides a fantastic opportunity to receive the teeth you’ve always wanted.


If this sounds like you, why not have a no-obligation chat with one of our friendly advisors today?

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Using dentures can be a nightmare, especially if they are poorly fitted. Whether you can’t stand wearing your dentures or simply want to restore a natural smile, the All-On-4 system could be your answer.

The Advanced All-On-4 System

 We are All-On-4 System specialists

The Artisanship of Dental Implants

Getting the all-on-4 implants in Mexico is a great and affordable way to give your smile a second chance. Artisan dentistry has come a long way in recent years due to the advancements in dental technologies. We take pride in producing a beautiful and natural-looking smile that won’t drain your bank account.


The name “all-on-4 implants” is a reference to the anchor points that are implanted directly into the jawbone—generally 4 on the top and 4 on the bottom. These are to be used to fix in the strong and natural prosthesis that is immediately functional on day one.


The process begins with a laser scan of the interior of the mouth, which generates a highly precise digital model. This digital rendering is used to design the perfect crown and fittings. Once the digital design phase has been completed, we use a highly advanced 3D printing machine that creates the physical model of the precise mold of your crown. This physical mold is then further refined by our skilled artisan dentistry team, which makes sure every single one looks natural and stunning.


All-on-4 implants in Mexico give you the fresh dental start that you’ve been dreaming of.

The clinic is called Bio Clinic Dental and she is using a holistic dentistry approach. Is specialized in full mouth rehabilitation and oral implants. What really makes Dra. Alma Valencia unique is the fact that she always offers high quality, she personalized treatments to all her clients. This brings in front of some amazing results and great benefits in no time. But she is also a very hard worker and she is fully committed to bringing you the smile you always wanted. That’s very hard to achieve on your own, but with her help, you can totally get that and so much more. Nothing is impossible as long as you are willing to put the hard work and focus on what you need to do.

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