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We seek to bridge the gap between these advances and the financial burden that’s often associated with dental reconstruction. Our skilled team of highly qualified dental specialists is able to carry out advanced procedures at significantly reduced costs – up to 70% lower than what you would typically expect to pay in the USA or Canada.


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Jose Valenzuela, DDS. 

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Ácido acetilsalicílico.

Cosmetic and Implant Specialyst


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Ciprofloxacino 300 mg.

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Losing your teeth doesn’t have to be the end of your smile. Thankfully, dental solutions and technology have evolved significantly in recent years to the point where it’s practically impossible to spot the difference.

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Toll-Free 1-888-462-2712

Simple Tooth Extraction

From: $50 USD each

Full Mouth Restoration                        

From: $4.800 USD

Total Denture

From: $1,500 USD (6 units tooths).

Aldo Pompa, DDS. 

Smale Makeover Specialist

Metal/Porcelain Crown

From: $1,500 USD (6 units tooths).

Metal/Porcelain Crown

From: $1,500 USD (6 units tooths).

Metal/Porcelain Crown

From: $1,500 USD (6 units tooths).

Metal/Porcelain Crown

From: $1,500 USD (6 units tooths).


Toll-Free 1-888-462-2712

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I've been working in Los Algodones, Mexico for over fifteen years. I understand that quality and good service are two of the most important elements for success. From making sure that the entire staff speaks English to using laboratories that only offer the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship, I want to make sure that your visit becomes a great experience. With these goals in mind, I have fashioned Circle Dental Group.


Jorge Jimenez, DDS. 

Dental Implant Specialist

Zirconium Crowns (7 years Warranty). 

From: $450 USD each

Nobel Implants $899 USD                        

From: $1.200 USD

Bone Grafting 

From: $450 USD (Per units).

Bone Grafting 

From: $450 USD (Per units).

Root Canal 

From: $250 USD (Per units).

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We are a team of professionals dedicated to helping you find the most exceptional treatments here in Los Algodones B. C. Mexico. Yes, we can help you find a variety of medical services at a fraction of the cost you would normally spend in the U.S or Canada – we’re talking almost 70% savings on your treatments.

Ulises Aguayo CEO,


It's been the best dental experience, I ever had. I am very satisfied and would highly recommend Best Dentist Mexico. It was well worth the 8 hrs. drive. 

The office is clean and modern. the staff is friendly and respectful. The dentist dis all he could to keep the work moving alone to get it done very quickly.

Suedea Babb/USA

Why should you suffer from medical issues just because you don’t have the money to afford the ridiculously high-priced treatments in the US or Canada?​

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