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What Is A Hyperbaric Chamber?

A hyperbaric chamber is a pressurized container that a participant sits in while their blood is infused with 100% oxygen. The air in the chamber is kept under much greater pressure than the normal atmosphere so that a participant’s blood can hold more oxygen. This allows a patient’s wounds to heal at a much faster rate than normal,and is particularly effective against burns, necrotizing tissue, and gangrene.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) consists of breathing pure oxygen under high atmospheric pressure conditions.  

This results in the hyper-oxygenated blood which improves your body's healing process, and overall well being.

We Invite you to try our hyperbaric chamber and feel a general improvement in every breath

  • HBOT is used in oral implants to stimulate bone formation in patients who have undergone radiation therapy.


  • Accelerate recovery after surgery by enhancing tissue regeneration.


  • Used in all infectious processes by improving the body's ability to fight infections and bacteria.

Pure O2 offers HyperbaricOxygenTheraphy HBOT, which involves breathing 100% oxygen under increased atmospheric pressure.

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Supercharging your Health with Hyperbaric Therapy

Improving your body’s healing process is easy with our hyperbaric oxygen therapy in Mexico. This process is also known as oxygen infusion therapy. Our pressurized chamber is filled with pure oxygen that allows a participant’s blood to become hyper oxygenated. Usually, oxygen is only carried by red blood cells, but inside a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, oxygen is able to dissolve in all the fluids of the body. In this way, oxygen can still reach areas of the body where the blood circulation has been weakened or blocked.


Oxygen infusion therapy is useful for a wide variety of cases, including the stimulation of bone formation, accelerating recovery after surgery by increasing tissue regeneration, and strengthening the body’s defenses in fighting infections and bacteria. It has also shown promise for cases involving strokes, cerebral palsy, decompression sickness, and chronic fatigue. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy in Mexico is an affordable treatment that can drastically increase your rate of recovery and improve your general well-being.