Cellular Therapy

Updated: Jul 30, 2020


An undifferentiated cell of a multicellular organism which is capable of giving rise to indefinitely more cells of the same type, and from which certain other kinds of cells arise by differentiation.

Stem cell-based therapies have the potential to treat numerous disorders, especially blood and immune-related disorders. A wide range of these therapies including allogenic cell therapies, autologous therapies, and mesenchymal these therapies have shown a major breakthrough for curing many medical conditions such as sclerosis, spinal cord injury, diabetes, and strokes in the clinical trials.

Regenerative Medicine with Stem Cells

Mesenchymal stem cells (CTM) are cells from adult tissue that have the ability to divide indefinitely to differentiate into specific cells and replace those that are lost due to natural wear and tear, injury, or disease.

Among the group of stem cells, mesenchymal stem cells (CTM) are undifferentiated cells from adult tissue that have the ability to self-renew (form cells identical to cells of origin), as well as to differentiate into different cell lineages, where their function is to repair damaged tissue both under normal conditions, aging or disease.

Its application in cell therapy is still under investigation for future treatments, due to the multipotent capacity and cellular plasticity of these, it is intended to recover the function of damaged organs and tissues of the human organism.

Extraction process

Isolation of stem cells is obtained from different adult tissues such as bone marrow, fatty tissue, placenta, umbilical cord blood. After being isolated from the source tissue, a cryopreservation process is applied to them, which offers us the possibility of stopping the biological age of the stem cells, thus avoiding their aging in order to take advantage of all their therapeutic potential at the right time for their use. in regenerative medicine, in accordance with quality standards.

Stem cell extraction process

  1. Selection: The donor is selected from the first trimester of pregnancy to carry out a rigorous medical follow-up.

  2. Exams: Thorough examinations are performed on the placenta to subsequently obtain a quality and safe cell line.

  3. Expansion: Once the mesequimal stem cells are separated, they are prepared for expansion in culture.

  4. Crops: They are grown in special incubators with very strict monitoring and control for optimal development.

  5. Microbiological and cell count: When the cultures are ready the cells are analyzed and quantified to make sure of the quantity that each dose contains.

  6. Deep freezing: Its storage requires deep freezers for its safe preservation. the doses are at a temperature -86 degrees.

Regenerative medicine

Cell therapy is one of the main resources that the scientific community recognizes to act effectively, it should be

mentioned that many treatments for various diseases are still under investigation. Due to the multipotent capacity and cellular plasticity of these cells, the aim is to recover the function of damaged organs and tissues of the human organism.

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