How has ozone impacted Humanity in the last 100 years?

The ozone layer is protecting our planet from radiation and many potential threats that can appear. But the problem is that in the past few years the way humanity has handled the ozone layer is not a great one. We have continually focused on industrial products and growth, the population has grown too ad all of that damaged the ozone layer. And since this is the only way for us to protect ourselves against massive radiation, we are obviously dealing with problems.

The main issue is, as we mentioned already, radiation. We are constantly dealing with major radiation issues and that means more and more people are getting sick. UV rays are becoming more powerful, now that there’s no layer to protect us from it. And the main challenge is that you don’t really know exactly what to expect or what can happen even in the very near future. You really have to push the boundaries and find creative ways to repair the ozone layer until it’s too late.

You will find lots of people that just can’t go outside during the summer because temperatures are very high and they either suffocate or they encounter severe radiation problems. All of these can add up and cause major issues and that’s why we have to act on it as fast as possible. It really helps a lot and we have to tackle such a thing with utmost focus, otherwise there will be problems and that’s exactly something to keep in mind. Basically, the damage to our planet’s ozone layer is generating non-melanoma skin cancer. In addition, the UVB radiation generated is very powerful and it’s linked to the development of cataracts, a clouding of the eye’s lens. That’s why we need to do everything we can in order to protect our eyes and skin from the sun.

The more damage we do to the ozone layer, the harder it will be to avoid these things. And obviously that comes with major health consequences. Which is why the best thing we can focus on is repairing the ozone layer right now. And, of course, we need to take care of ourselves and ensure that everything works the way we want. It’s extremely important to do that, and the results on their own can be downright impressive regardless of the situation.

Damaging the ozone layer will continually make the situation worse for us. We need to do whatever we can to stop severe pollution and find ways to protect the environment.

Otherwise we will end up damaging the ozone layer beyond repair and that will come with severe consequences especially from a medical perspective. We need to be committed to repairing the ozone layer and actively finding ways to keep our planet safe. It’s not going to be easy, but without the right research and true focus on protecting our planet, we will not be able to win this fight adequately. And that will translate in many of us victims to severe health issues. But the future is bright, technology is on our side and our planet’s ozone layer has the potential to be saved!

Ulises Aguayo CEO in Algodones Health.

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