Smile Makeover Xpress

At Algodones Health we have three company values we hold close to our hearts

  1. Fantastic customer care and support

  2. Endorse the most skilled dentists

  3. Use of cutting edge dental technology

Using new and exciting technologies not only helps us as dental technicians and surgeons but also conveys great benefits to you, such as decreased wait times for implants, use of the highest quality materials and tailored implants unique to you. In our on-going mission to provide the best options to our valued customers, we are excited to present our new state-of-the-art system, Smile Makeover Xpress.

Smile Makeover Xpress

Algodones Health is now home to a state-of-the-art laboratory and production facility which allows us to manufacture high-quality Zirconium crowns. Our new technology means we can craft tailored implants for our customers that are entirely unique to them. A better fit at a better price.

Great Benefits with Algodones Health

Our clients mean everything to us and your well-being is the top of our property list. As such, we make sure you are well looked after every time you choose Algodones Health for your dental care and procedures. We’ll support you all the way from your arrival to your final departure.

When you purchase Zirconium crowns from us, you’ll receive a great list of benefits for you to enjoy while under our care!

We’ll pick you up at Yuma airport

We’ll be right there to pick you up as soon as you’re ready to go. We’ll even sort out transfers between the hotel, clinic and airport.

Canine-To-Canine design

We’ll help craft the perfect smile with a full design package for both the top and bottom teeth.

Includes lodgings

Enjoy a peaceful stay at a highly-regarded hotel only one block from our clinic.

5 year warranty

We’re so confident in our implants that we offer a full 5 year warranty. We’ll keep you smiling well into the future.

Algodones Health are industry leaders in dental care. Our new Smile Makeover Xpress service offers realistic zirconium crowns, made from the highest quality materials and tailored to each individual client.

Send us a message and start your journey to a healthier smile!

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