What is & Why is Vitiligo produced? 

Vitiligo is a skin disease that is characterized by the appearance of white spots (without color) of less or greater extent and in different parts of the body, as a result of the destruction of melanocytes they die or stop working., which are the epithelial cells responsible for giving color to the skin, through the production of melanin. It can also affect the eyes and mucous membranes (inside of the nose and mouth). It usually develops before the age of '40s, regardless of gender or race.

The causes of vitiligo are unknown, although it is suspected that it may be an autoimmune disease conditioned by some type of genetic alteration. There is also a hereditary component since the existence of a family history (both parents) of this disease is related to a greater probability of suffering from it.

The white or discolored spots of the skin that characterize vitiligo are more frequent in areas of the body that are usually exposed to the sun: hands, arms, feet, face, and lips. However, they can also appear in other areas, such as the navel, armpits, genitals, in the area around the anus, eyes or groin.

Although sometimes it does not happen, it is common for spots to appear successively in different areas of the body, in some cases very slowly and in others very quickly, without knowing the reason for this happening in one way or another. , although there is a possibility that physical and / or emotional stress may contribute to speed up the process.

The spots always have well-defined edges and sometimes they show a darker color and in some cases a little inflamed and reddish. Another frequent feature of vitiligo is the early appearance of gray hair, especially in areas where there are spots.

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