Why Millions of Americans Will Go Abroad for Medical and Dental Care This Year?

Healthcare in the United States has become so expensive that paying for medical or dental care is now a luxury that few can afford. Many people prefer to travel to the other side of the globe just to get a reasonably-priced treatment for their health problems. Fortunately, affordable and reliable solutions are surfacing closer to their home in Los Algodones, Mexico.

What is medical tourism?

Every year, more and more Americans travel to other countries where they pay for medical procedures a fraction of what their country of residence would normally charge them. A study from Patients Beyond Borders estimates that around 1.9 million US citizens will travel outside the country in 2019 just to fix their medical problems.

At the moment, there is a growing market for medical tourism that sees North Americans spend between $65 and $87.5 billion yearly on trips overseas. Their journeys are rarely related to leisure and more to regaining a clean bill of health. Experts estimate that the tourism rate will increase in the next decade with as much as 25% per year.

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